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When You Suspect Your Alternative Investment Losses May Be Due To Broker-Dealer Negligence

Explore Your Legal Options With Seasoned Broker Misconduct Attorneys

More often these days, financial advisors are marketing and selling alternative investments to all kinds of investors, including retail customers and retirees. Once only sold to high-net-worth individual investors, even less sophisticated investors without as many dollars in their accounts have been wanting to get involved. One of the biggest draws is the chance to make greater returns than with traditional investments, as well as increased portfolio diversification.

How Can You Avoid Investment Fraud?

Our Savvy Broker Misconduct Attorneys Help Investors Recover Damages

According to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), there are preemptive measures you can take to minimize your chances of becoming the victim of investment fraud, such as:

Are You A Colorado Bankers Life Insurance Annuity Investor Whose Citizens Securities Broker Failed To Disclose The Risks?

Broker-Dealer Is Sued Again Over Colorado Bankers Life Insurance Losses

If you are a Colorado Bankers Life Insurance annuity investor who worked with a Citizens Securities financial advisor, please contact Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas ( today. Already, we have filed a number of annuity fraud lawsuits against the firm, as well as other broker-dealers, over the sale of annuity policies from this insurer to investors.

Denver Broker Fraud Attorneys

We Represent Colorado Investors Who Have Suffered Losses Due To Financial Advisor Misconduct

For over 30 years, our trusted Denver Broker Fraud Attorneys have been helping investors from all walks of life to recoup their losses from the broker-dealers responsible. Unfortunately, financial advisor misconduct does happen more often than you would think. It is one of the reasons our own seasoned securities lawyers, many of whom used to be former brokers, left that industry and now choose to exclusively fight for investors while protecting their right to financial recovery.

Kentucky Broker Fraud Attorneys

Our Lexington, KY Securities Law Firm Is Here To Help Investors Recoup 

To suffer investment losses can be devastating. When those losses were caused even in part by a financial advisor that you entrusted to keep your assets safe, the sense of betrayal and perhaps even the wondering of what you could have done to protect yourself may arise.

For GWG L Bond Investors, Filing A Broker Fraud Lawsuit May Be a Chance For Financial Recovery

Bankruptcy Court Approves GWG Holdings Plan which provides Minimal Hope for Investors.

More than a year after GWG Holdings filed for bankruptcy, its plan has been accepted by the US bankruptcy court in Houston and confirmed by voting bondholders. While this is a positive, forward movement for the bankruptcy proceedings, it is still not the best way for investors to recoup their losses.

Our Colorado Bankers Life Insurance Annuity Fraud Lawyer Team Are Representing Retirees and Other Retail Investors

Brokers Breached Duty To Investors When Selling Annuities

If you are a retiree or another investor who lost money in Colorado Bankers Life Insurance, the time to explore your legal options is now. For years, those who purchased annuity policies have had their money frozen with no relief in sight. Meanwhile, the insurer is in rehabilitation and its owner Greg Lindberg is embroiled in criminal charges, fraud lawsuits, and other litigation.

NorthStar Healthcare Income and Griffin Capital Essential Asset II Are Too Risky For Novice Investors

Illinois Retirees Files Broker Fraud Lawsuit Against Wintrust Investments

If you suffered serious losses in the non-traded real estate investment trusts (non-traded REITs) NorthStar Healthcare Income and Griffin Capital Essential Asset II (Now Griffin Realty Trust), you may want to explore your legal options by contacting Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas Realty Trust Loss Attorney Team. Both non-traded REITs are illiquid, high-risk investments and generally should not be recommended to inexperienced or conservative investors, including retirees.

Colorado Bankers Life Insurance Holders Should Speak With A Skilled Annuity Loss Lawyer

NC Appeals Court Rules Insurance Magnate Greg Lindberg Is Liable for Fraud

A unanimous North Carolina Court of Appeals panel has ruled that Colorado Bankers Life Insurance owner Greg Lindberg is liable for fraud and breach of contract related to the now insolvent insurers that he bought in 2014. He could end up having to pay hundreds of millions of dollars. The appellate judges overruled the 2022 ruling by a trial judge who had decided not to award damages. Now, the civil lawsuit will go back to a trial court where the “proper remedy” will be decided. The plaintiffs include Lindberg’s companies:

For GWG L Bond Investors, Pursuing Damages From Broker-Dealers May Be Best Chance of Getting Their Money Back 

Plan To Sell BENF Shares Could Result in 10 or 20 Cents on The Dollar for Bondholders 

If you are one of 27,000 GWG L Bond investors hoping to recover your losses through a class action securities fraud lawsuit or the ongoing bankruptcy proceedings against GWG Holdings L Bonds, the time to explore other legal options with a seasoned L Bond Investment Loss Lawyer is now. GWG is accused of operating an alleged more than $1.6B Ponzi scam. Its chairman Brad Heppner, who is also The Beneficient Company Group founder, is accused of running this purported multi-year fraud.

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