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What You Should Know if You Invested in GWG L Bonds

If you are someone whose financial advisor recommended that you invest in GWG Holdings L Bonds, by now you likely know that the alternative asset firm has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection despite owing you and thousands of other investors millions of dollars in payments and interest. Visit GWG Holdings, Inc. and GWG L Bonds for more information.

You should also know that the chances of you obtaining a full financial recovery from any bankruptcy proceedings are highly unlikely. This is why you should immediately contact our seasoned security fraud lawyers to find out whether it makes sense to pursue a claim against the brokerage firm that sold you L Bond private placements. 

Claimant files FINRA arbitration claim for up to six figures in damages

A Houston, Texas investor has filed a Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) arbitration claim against Centaurus Financial after he sustained losses in GWG Holdings L Bonds. These risky junk bonds were unsuitable for this inexperienced retail investor, yet his Centaurus broker allegedly recommended and sold L Bonds to this claimant. 

GWG Holdings, Inc., which sold $1.6B of L bonds to investors through brokerage firms like Centaurus, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in April 2022. Thousands of investors seek to recover losses in these complex, speculative, and illiquid high-yield bonds.

Claimants Allege Unsuitability, Concentration, and Misrepresentation

Investors from Utah and Arizona have filed a Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) arbitration claim seeking up to $1M in damages related to their GWG Holdings L Bond losses. The respondents in the case are Centaurus Financial, Benchmark Investments, and financial advisor Gregory John Richards. 

Richards, who operates locally as Liberty Wealth Management in Scottsdale, AZ,  is also a Benchmark Investments broker. Previously, a Centaurus registered representative from the session of May 2011 until February 2020, GWG Holdings, Inc. filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in April 2022. By 2020, the alternative asset firm had more than $200M in outstanding debt. In addition to over $1.6B in outstanding L Bonds and other obligations. More than 140 broker-dealers and their brokers earned high commissions from selling these life settlement-backed bonds. 

SEC Alleges Western International Securities and Its California Financial Advisors Committed Due Diligence Failures 

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has filed civil charges against Western International Securities and several of its registered representatives. The firm and its advisors allegedly violated Regulation Best Interest standards when they sold about $13.3M of GWG L Bonds to investors between July 2020 and April 2021. 

The regulator contends that the broker-dealer neglected to conduct adequate due diligence when recommending and selling these unrated and speculative junk bonds. In February 2022, GWG Holdings, Inc. defaulted on $13.6M of payments and interest it owes L Bond investors. The Dallas-based alternative asset firm filed for bankruptcy protection in April 2022. 

Centaurus Financial is Respondent in Six-Figure FINRA Arbitration Claim

A Salt Lakes, Arizona investor, has filed a FINRA arbitration claim against Centaurus Financial over losses he sustained in GWG L Bonds. Offering documents for the investment named ex-Centaurus broker Otto Ramon Bohon. Recently, Bohon has locally been affiliated with Modern Wealth Management (formerly Catalina Investments) as a registered representative. 

The claimant is seeking to recover up to $500K in damages. Our GWG L Bond lawyers are representing him in FINRA arbitration. 

GWG L Bonds FINRA Arbitration Claim Requests Up to $500K in Damages

A retired couple from Republic, Missouri, has filed a six-figure claim against Center Street Securities over losses sustained in GWG Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: GWGH). Both inexperienced investors with health issues, the claimants had entrusted the brokerage firm with keeping their money safe. 

Instead, their Center Street Securities broker Joe Latour, a registered investment advisor with the Latour Financial Group, unsuitably recommended and sold them GWG L Bonds. He did this while neglecting to give a full picture of the risks. Now, these investors are pursuing up to $500K in damages for their losses.

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