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Are You The Victim of Stockbroker Negligence?

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When many people think of investor losses caused by broker misconduct they often assume that intentional wrongdoing was involved. However, that is not always the case. Unsuitable investment recommendations, misrepresentations and omissions, and overconcentration in a customer’s account (along with a failure to diversify investments) may also be a result of broker negligence. Either way, whether you suffered losses due to stockbroker fraud or negligence, you may be able to sue your brokerage firm and their registered representative for damages. But first, you need to find out whether you have grounds for a securities claim.

Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas ( offer free, no-obligation case assessments to investors wishing to explore their legal options and determine whether their financial advisor was careless or reckless with their money. This is an important first step as not all investor losses are caused by broker misconduct or negligence.

How Can You Tell Whether Broker Negligence Was Involved? 

If we discover that it doesn’t make sense to sue your broker, we will let you know. For example, a financial advisor cannot predict the future in terms of how a trade will perform or what the market or economy will be like in a year. However, your registered representative does have a duty to you as their client to make sure to only make investment recommendations that they truly consider to be in your best interests and are suitable for you given your age, investing profile, risk tolerance level, and financial goals. They also must conduct the necessary due diligence to make sure that they only sell you legitimate financial products as opposed to ones that are tied to any possible investment scams. To fail to do any of these could warrant a stockbroker negligence lawsuit.

Some other examples of brokerage firm negligence: 

  • Portfolio Overconcentration
  • Executing the wrong order
  • The failure to properly supervise a broker
  • Failing to stay apprised of any adverse developments, including allegedly criminal or fraudulent activities, involving the issuer of a financial product
  • Not regularly reviewing an investor’s portfolio to assess whether asset allocation modifications need to be made

A broker that fails to provide a customer with the standard of care their fiduciary relationship warrants is negligent and could be held liable if serious investor losses result. Even if the registered representative’s broker-dealer was not aware of their employee’s actions, which they should have known about, you still may be able to sue the firm for damages.

How Can Our Seasoned Financial Advisor Negligence Attorneys Help?

For more than 30 years, Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas have been helping investors who were the victims of their brokers’ poor or reckless actions in trying to achieve financial recovery through FINRA arbitration, mediation, and litigation. We know how to identify whether broker negligence was a factor. If we agree to work together, we will gather the necessary evidence to prove your claim, help you sue your brokerage firm, and fight for you.

We know how devastating it can be to suffer significant losses especially when the party responsible is a financial professional whom you entrusted to take care of your money. Over the years, we have helped retirees, elderly investors, retail investors, high-net-worth individual investors, and institutional investors in going after the brokerage firms responsible for their investment losses.

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