New York Yankees’ Aroldis Chapman Files $3M Investment Fraud Claim Against Pro Management Resources

Florida-Based Financial Management Company Employee Allegedly Stole Money 

Albertín Aroldis Chapman de la Cruz, the star relief pitcher for the New York Yankees, has filed an investment fraud lawsuit against Pro Management Resources and several individuals. The financial management and tax planning company reportedly has also been serving as Chapman’s business manager for almost a decade. Now, the MLB pitcher is accusing the company of stealing $3M.

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Financial Fraud, Failure to Supervise, and Other Allegations 

Chapman signed an $86M, five-year contract with the Yankees in 2016. Not only is he a Major League Baseball All-Star several times over, but he also holds the world record for the fastest pitch. However, according to court documents, Chapman doesn’t speak much English and is an inexperienced investor. 

He entrusted Pro Management Resources to handle his funds and give him good financial advice. This included having its employee, Benito Zavala Jr., manage Chapman’s banking, investing accounts, credit accounts, business and personal finances, mortgages, loans, bill paying, taxes, etc. 

According to Chapman’s investor fraud lawsuit, brought in Broward County, Florida at the Seventeenth Judicial Circuit Court, about four years ago, Pro Management Resources and its employee Benito Zavala, Jr. started diverting funds from the Yankee player toward himself and others. 

The plaintiff is also accusing Zavala of taking credit lines out under Chapman’s name and using them to cover his lavish expenses, including an almost $1M home, first-class plane tickets, cars, jewelry, and other items.

As for defendant Anthony Chiricosta, Chapman contends that the Pro Management Resources owner failed to disclose Zavala’s alleged embezzlement upon discovering it and instead tried to hide the fraud. He also is accusing Chiricosta of grossly negligent mismanagement, lack of oversight, and, along with Zavala, not acting in his best interests while committing fiduciary breaches

Chapman is accusing Zavala, Chandler Costa, Derrick Costa, and Cassandra Aguilar of theft and misappropriation. 

Professional Athletes and Financial Advisor Fraud

Unfortunately, there is a long list of professional athletes who have lost money due to financial and investment advisor fraud. With their multimillion-dollar contracts and inexperience in investing, many pro athletes become an easy target for those wishing to misappropriate their funds – especially money managers who have been given full access to all aspects of their finances. This can lead to devastating consequences for the athlete and their family, especially as a professional player’s career can only go on for so many years. 

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