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Institutional Investors File 7-Figure FINRA Lawsuit Morgan Stanley Alleging Broker Fraud

Claimants Are Seeking Up To $5,000,000 In Damages

The Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas Investment Loss Law Firm ( recently filed an institutional investor claim against Morgan Stanley Smith Barney (DBA as Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management) over losses sustained because of alleged gross negligence, fraudulent actions, and breach of fiduciary duty by the firm and Morgan Stanley broker Brian Pfeifler.

Are You Wondering Whether You Received Poor Investing Advice From Your Broker? 

You May Be Able To File a Broker Negligence Claim If You Ended Up Suffering Significant Investor Losses

Even if your broker never intended for you to lose money, if that is what happened because they gave you poor investment advice, then you may be able to sue your financial adviser and their brokerage firm for damages. Granted, no one is perfect, and mistakes can happen despite someone having the best of intentions. And, there are plenty of times when a broker makes an investment recommendation that ends up going badly and it is not their fault.

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