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The SEC has filed fraud charges against BitFunder and its founder John E. Montroll. According to the regulator, both of them ran an unregistered securities exchange and committed fraud against those who used the exchange by misappropriating bitcoins and not disclosing a cyberattack in which more than $6,000 bitcoins, worth about $775K, was stolen.

Montroll is accused of selling purported investments that were actually unregistered securities and then misappropriating money from the investments. The offerings were “shares” of “Ukyo.Loan,” also known as “Ukyo Notes.” Buyers were told that money from the sales would go toward private investments and he promised them a .05% daily interest rate.

Instead, Montroll allegedly used some of the proceeds to cover his business and personal expenses and to “replenish” the bitcoins he is accused of misappropriating from an earlier offering. Also, after the cyberattack, Montroll allegedly made it appear as if BitFunder was profitable even though it had a bitcoin deficit.

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