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The SEC has filed fraud charges against BitFunder and its founder John E. Montroll. According to the regulator, both of them ran an unregistered securities exchange and committed fraud against those who used the exchange by misappropriating bitcoins and not disclosing a cyberattack in which more than $6,000 bitcoins, worth about $775K, was stolen.

Montroll is accused of selling purported investments that were actually unregistered securities and then misappropriating money from the investments. The offerings were “shares” of “Ukyo.Loan,” also known as “Ukyo Notes.” Buyers were told that money from the sales would go toward private investments and he promised them a .05% daily interest rate.

Instead, Montroll allegedly used some of the proceeds to cover his business and personal expenses and to “replenish” the bitcoins he is accused of misappropriating from an earlier offering. Also, after the cyberattack, Montroll allegedly made it appear as if BitFunder was profitable even though it had a bitcoin deficit.

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The US Commodity Futures Trading Commission has filed civil cases against virtual currency operators CabbageTech, Entrepreneurs Headquarters Ltd., and My Big Coin Pay Inc. The regulator is alleging fraud, misappropriation, misrepresentation, and other unregistered securities allegations. It wants disgorgement, fines, restitution, injunctions, and other remedies.

In the case against CabbageTech, doing business as Coin Drop Markets, and its owner Patrick K. McDonnell, the Defendants are accused of participating in a virtual currency scam to solicit investor for funds and virtual money, supposedly in exchange for real-time trading advice and the sale and trading of virtual currency under McDonnell’s guidance.

Instead, claims the CFTC, investors received no such advice and they never saw their money again because McDonnell and CabbageTech misappropriated their funds. The regulator believes that the defendants sought to hide their scam by eliminating their online and social media presence and ending communications with customers.

The CFTC’s civil action against McDonnell and his company was announced the same day as its case against The Entrepreneurs Headquarters Limited, which is a company registered in the UK, and founder Dillon Michael Dean. The regulator believes that beginning in April 2017 through now, the defendants solicited at least $1.1M of Bitcoin from over 600 investors, with the promise that the Bitcoin would be turned into fiat currency and invested in a pooled investment vehicle to trade commodity interests.
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In an Emergency Cease and Desist Order, the Texas State Securities Commissioner is demanding that BitConnect, which is based in the UK, stop a number of its investment programs, as well as its allegedly fraudulent sales of Bitcoin investments. According to the regulator, BitConnect sales agents are targeting prospective Texan investors, as well as investors in other parts of the US.

BitConnect issues its own currency, known as BitConnect Coins. As of earlier this month, the company was claiming that its market share for its cryptocurrency coins was $4.1B. It announced plans to issue up to 28 million coins.

According to the regulator’s order, BitConnect’s website BitConnect is an “open sourced, all-in-one Bitcoin and crypto-currency platform” that offers different investment opportunities. The site depicts BitConnect Coins as an “open source, peer-to-peer community-driven decentralized cryptocurrency” with which owners can “store and invest their wealth.”

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