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Why Older Investors Suffering From Dementia Are Vulnerable To Broker Fraud

Barred Fifth Third Securities Financial Advisor Is Accused of Elder Financial Abuse

Our skilled Elder Financial Abuse lawyers represent older investors in pursuing damages from the brokers and investment advisors whose actions caused them to sustain serious investment losses. Our clients also include older investors who are suffering from Dementia or other serious health issues.

Do You Or Someone You Love Need The Help of Trusted Elder Financial Abuse Attorneys? 

Senior Investor Losses Reported By Customers of Laidlaw Brokers

According to a 2022 Consumer Affairs article, over 3.5M elderly adults fall prey to financial exploitation each year. This causes more than $3.5B in losses. The person defrauding a senior citizen might be someone the victim knows, such as a relative, friend, or guardian. It could also be a financial professional who was entrusted to keep this older investor’s money safe.

Raymond James Pays $500K After Broker is Accused of Elder Financial Abuse 

Broker-Dealer Allegedly Failed To Supervise Ex-Stockbroker Frederick Stow Who Stole Older Investors’ Money

Unfortunately, elder financial abuse continues to be a huge problem. In many instances, the perpetrators have been financial professionals, including those who are registered brokers at well-known brokerage firms. If you (or someone you love) are a senior investor who has suffered losses that you suspect may be caused by broker misconduct or negligence, it is important that you explore your legal options right away.

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