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Did You Suffer Investment Losses In Dutch General Life Insurance/Conservatrix?

The Time To Sue Your Broker For Damages Is Now 

Earlier this month, Dutch General Life Insurance Company, doing business as Conservatrix, asked a North Carolina federal court to enforce an approximately $158 million award against embattled US billionaire Greg Lindberg. Conservatrix is one of a number of his insurers that are demanding that he pay them back.

Are You An Investor Who Suffered Losses In AllianceBernstein’s Options Advantage Strategy?

Our Broker-Dealer Negligence Lawyers Are Investigating Sanford Bernstein Financial Advisors

If you are someone whose financial advisor recommended that you invest in AllianceBernstein’s Options Advantage Strategy and suffered significant investor losses, contact the Broker-Dealer Negligence Lawyers at Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas ( today so that we can help you explore your legal options. There are growing concerns that Sanford Bernstein brokers may have allegedly misrepresented the risks involved in this complex options trading strategy that was supposed to attract investors looking for “incremental returns” in a low-yield environment. Sanford Bernstein is a registered broker-dealer and a subsidiary of AllianceBernstein, which is a registered investment adviser.

When Unsuitable Structured Product Recommendations Lead To Investor Losses

Centaurus Financial & Brokers Fined Over $1M For Marketing Variable Interest Rate Investments To Retail Customers

Once again, Centaurus Financial is making headlines for allegedly unsuitably recommending financial products that were too risky for retail customers. This time the investments were variable interest rate structured products, which are complex, illiquid, and have maturity rates of 15 years or greater.

Are You an Investor Who Suffered losses in Aegis Capital-Underwritten YayYo IPO?

Broker-Dealer Faces Investor Fraud, Negligence, and Misrepresentation Allegations 

If you are an investor who took part in an initial public offering (SPO) sold by Aegis Capital Corp. and you suffered investment losses, you may want to consider exploring your legal options. Stock IPOs are often marketed by brokerage firms as significant opportunities for investors, but that doesn’t always prove to be the case.

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